The Effects of Medical Marijuana Strains: What Patients Need to Know

When looking for a medical marijuana strain that produces the effect you’re looking for, it can be overwhelming. But by getting to know a little bit about each of the more common strains for medical use, you may be able to hone in on a strain that’s right for you.

Every strain of cannabis is unique, each with a variety of effects that may differ from others. They may have some similarities, but none produce exactly the same effects. Not only can there be differences from strain to strain, but there can also be some variances between batches of the same strain as well.

Because cannabis is grown in a field and not synthesized in a factory, there are many conditions which can contribute to strain variations, such as the weather, the date of harvest, and even the time of day it was harvested. However, being familiar with a strain’s genetic heritage can help predict the general attributes of the resulting marijuana.

For example, if you know that Candy Land is a hybrid of the strains Granddaddy Purp and Girl Scout Cookies, and you’re familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of those two parent strains, you’ll have an idea of what medical benefits to expect from Candy Land. Credit – medical marijuana las vegas – medizinlv

Here are a few reliable strains that many cannabis patients find helpful:

Green Crack is a very Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a lot of energy and alertness. For patients who like to medicate in the morning or afternoon. With the added bonus of increased focus, its effects can be somewhat like Adderall, in comparison.

Similarly, Haze is known for being a great daytime variety, due to its ability to elevate the mood and improve focus. The drawback is that Haze tends to be less intense in its effects, which is why Haze is often used as a parent plant in hybridization, as it was in the Jack Herer hybrid.

Granddaddy Purp, a hybrid that is very Indica-dominant, is a favorite for insomnia relief. With its sleep-inducing and analgesic qualities, it’s a fantastic choice for those dealing with stress, chronic pain, or the need to medicate at night.

Blue Dream is a common variety that is derived from the Blueberry and the Haze parent strains. It can give a relaxing, mellow relief both mentally and physically. With the pleasant aroma and flavor of Blue Dream, it can be an excellent choice for first-time users who have issues with anxiety and don’t know which strain to try first.

These are just a few of the most well-known strains, which you’re likely to come across since they’re frequently chosen as the parent plant for many hybrids. They’ll give you a good place to start in your researching journey.

Experimenting by testing different strains through trial and error can be time consuming and expensive, while possibly not getting you the benefits you need. By investing a little time in becoming familiar with your strain choices first, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road, and make sure that you’re getting exactly the effects you want, when you want them.

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